TBS Group fornisce alle strutture sociosanitarie, pubbliche e private, servizi integrati di Ingegneria Clinica e ICT e gestisce in outsourcing tutto il parco tecnologico, biomedico e informatico, in particolare delle apparecchiature mediche e dei sistemi ICT e di telemedicina & teleassistenza, nonché soluzioni e servizi di e-Government per la pubblica amministrazione.
Con una forte propensione all'internazionalizzazione, il Gruppo attualmente opera in 20 paesi del mondo.

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TBS Group. Health Technology Management.

Innovating technology and processes to curb costs and enhance services
and performance quality.

TBS Group was started in the late 1980’s by a group of engineers that had the skills to undertake the clinical maintenance of many different manufactures medical devices. Through innovative ideas and market driven economic savings it started to grow rapidly. That progress continues today alongside the technological evolution and the development of clinical engineering, which could no longer be defined as just “biomedical engineering”, but as the advancement of clinical technology into an integrated management system within healthcare facilities.


TBS Group Services: Clinical Engineering, ICT, Telemedicine and Telehealth

TBS Group is an international healthcare technical services provider with over 2,000 clinical engineering specialists in 1,000 healthcare facilities and performing 1.5 million maintenance tasks each year on almost 1 million medical devices.

The biomedical technology specialists and IT experts working in TBS Group’s 26 operating centres assist and coordinate the operations of the various workshops within the local area.

TBS Group’s core business model is based on multi-vendor skilled technical teams being locate in hospital premises, performing all preventative maintenance and repair of biomedical equipment, independent of the manufacturer and of the technology. The operations can be supported by on-site laboratories and workshops where specialist skills / environmental conditions or technology require dedicated repair, test and calibration equipment. 

This wide network of technicians and skills draws on an interconnected IT platform and an impressive database that enables a continuous exchange of data, information and knowledge.

The Group has a marked propensity for internationalisation and currently works with
numerous subsidiaries throughout many countries.

The headquarters is located at AREA Science Park (Trieste, Italy); the science and technology park where it has been a tenant since 1994.

TBS Group is present in numerous countries with over 20 companies.
More than 2,000 highly qualified staff, 350 workshops, 46 Regional operational centers, 26 competence centers.
More than 1,000 healthcare structures, 930,000 medical equipment and devices managed, 1,480,000 maintenance activities, 29,500 systems of telecare and telemedicine installed.

TBS Group S.p.A.
AREA Science Park, Padriciano 99 - 34149 Trieste, Italy - VAT/Fiscal Code/Companies' Register Venezia Giulia IT 00707060323
Share Capital Euro 4,218,557.60 fully paid-up - Company subject to the management and coordination of Althea Group S.p.A.
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